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Pearly Lilian Magtibay

Pearly Lilian Magtibay is a Partner/ Representative of Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. in Qatar and has been living in the country with her family since late 2007. She brings an extensive background supporting CEOs and top management executives across the real estate development, property, and facilities management sectors. Originating from General Santos City, Philippines, Pearly obtained her Business Administration degree in the Philippines in 1999. She also attained a Diploma in Business English from Shaw Academy, Ireland, and completed several courses online with Oral Roberts University, USA. At the time of this writing, Pearly is pursuing another degree in Social Work with the University of the Philippines Open University. In her spare time, she conducts free financial literacy sessions online and face-to-face. Her interests and hobbies include attending care group meetings, charity work, counselling, vlogging, business, and travel. Despite her initial plans to pursue studies and migration to Australia in early 2020, global circumstances led Pearly to reconsider her path, opting to remain in Qatar due to the age limit constraints. However, this detour provided her with profound insights into the intricacies of legal residency processes and the overwhelming challenges associated with migration. Recognizing people’s imperative need for genuine support in navigating Australian migration, Pearly's firsthand experiences fueled her commitment to advocating for individuals and families in search of authentic guidance and reliable support. Pearly recognizes that Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. transcends mere visa provision; it provides a holistic approach, offering a robust network of support groups designed to aid clients in seamlessly transitioning to their new lives in Australia. She ensures that clients receive not only the necessary guidance but also cost-effective ways to embark on their migration journey confidently with Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd.

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