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  • How do I get started with my skilled visa application?
    Determine if your occupation is in the current list of occupations that are in demand in Australia. Contact us below to request for a copy of the list.
  • I answered the Australian Skilled Visa questionnaire and did not meet the pass mark. What should I do?
    There are possiblities to increase your score. If you haven't taken the English test yet, I suggest you review for it and take the exam. It can add 10 to 20 points to your score.
  • I met the pass mark, what should I do next?"
    Congratulations! Book for the interview to start the application process. You can choose the day and time in your time zone on
  • How much does Australian skilled visa cost?
    Request for quote from our Facebook page,
  • I am a registered nurse in the Philippines and would like to inquire about the new Regisration requirements of AHPRA.
    You will need to undero a self-check to determine which stream you need to undergo. For Philippine REgistered Nurses, the usual Stream is Stream B which is the Outcomes-based Assessment.
  • Am I eligible for state nomination or sponsorship?
    States and Territories have different state migration plans and can change from time to time. If your usual occupation is included in their list of occupations and you meet their requirements, you can be eligible to apply for state nomination or sponsorship.
  • How can I be assessed if qualified for skilled migration?
    Check if you meet the pass mark in
  • What is the process involving Skilled Migration?
    Check out the free snapshot of Australian Skilled Migration at
  • Can my sibling in Australia sponsor me to live in Australia permanently?
    Under certain circumstances, a sibling can sponsor a sibling if the former is a permanent resident or a citizen.
  • I have 457/482 visa. Can I bring my family here in Australia?
    Yes, that is possible.
  • Can anyone who has sponsorship cancellation apply for permanent residency?
    In some cases, yes, but will need to submit evidences to prove the applicant can still meet the criteria.
  • What type of studies can I have in Australia?
    They can take primary, secondary, vocational, and higher education courses.
  • Are there age limits to study in Australia?
    Anyone 6 years old and above can study in Australia.
  • Are there scholarships offered in Australia?
    Yes. Educational providers may offer scholarships. The Federal government also offers scholarships (higher education only) depending on your the county of origin.
  • How much are tuition fees in Australia?
    Tuition fees will depend on the state or territories you want to study and live in, the course you will take and the duration of that course. Contact us to discuss your plans to help you determine the cost.
  • Can I bring my dependents under the student visa?
    Yes, you can if you will meet the visa criteria.
  • How much is the tuition fee in elementary or primary schools?
    This will depend on the states that you intend to live and study in. Public schools in most states charge international student fees. Private schools have different policies about this. During the interview, we can provide more information about this.
  • Can everyone who studied in Australia get permanent residency?
    No, not everyone. Student visa is not a pathway to permanency though some courses can lead to meeting the eligibility criteria. You need to plan ahead but be aware that Australian migration law changes and you can't be sure if requirements when you started the course will be the same as when you finished.
  • What course should I enrol in to obtain permanent residency after I completed the course?
    Student visa is not a pathway to residency. If you need to finish a qualification before you become eligbile for skilled migration, it will be wise to look into the current list of occupations in demand in Australia and check what course or courses will lead to that occupation.
  • Are there any visa that I can apply for that will give me work rights in Australia even if I am only a visitor?
    Yes, depending on your country of origin and age.
  • What type of Business visa is available for me?
    There are different types of visa for you to conduct business in Australia. You can apply for permanent visa if you earn at least A$300,000 per year.
  • Nurses say they can get Business visa. How true is this?
    Nurses or anyone who intend to study courses less than 3 months in duration can apply for Business stream visa. This is not a Business visa type but is under the Visitor Visa.
  • How do I apply for Australian visa?
    Depending on what you want to do in Australia, you need to determine first the type of visa you are eligible to apply for. You can contact us below to tell us what you want to do in Australia and we will guide you to the next steps. You can also look into the different categories or visa types on this website to give you ideas.
  • I have sent my contact details but have not received any response. What should I do now?
    We regularly check our inbox for your questions. If you haven't received our response in your Inbox, please check your spam/junk folder. If there, make sure you mark our email as Not Junk/Spam to receive future messages. If not there, please send us another message and we apologize for overlooking it.
  • How is payment for the interview made?
    Payment is either through Paypal or credit card. Once you have choosen the date and time (in your timezone), you will be directed to Paypal page. You have the option to choose credit card.
  • We have done payment for our interview, what will happen next?"
    Wait for the day of the interview. You will be given reminder through your inbox. Check your spam or junk folder if you don't find a message the day right after you paid for the interview.
  • How do I book for an interview?
    You can book for the interview in
  • How much is the interview fee?
    Interview is $200 if you are offshore. If onshore, additional 10% gst is required to be paid. There might be incremental paypal or credit card fees, but usually shouldered by Tentmakers.
  • How long does the interview takes?
    The paid interview takes more or less one hour.
  • Should husband and wife need to pay for interview fee separately?
    If both of you are claiming points, meaning we will need to determine who is more eligible, we will give a 50% discount to the second applicant. If only one is skilled, you only need to pay for one interview.
  • What are the services Tentmakers Migration Assistance offers?
    Tentmakers Migration Assistance is your one-stop-shop who can do all your Australian migration requirements. Go to our Services page to get more details.
  • When are you conducting information sessions about Australian visa application?
    We are holding our next live sessions in the Philippines early 2019. Register to choose your preferred date, time and venue in
  • When is your next webinar?
    Yes, you can register for the next one at
  • For married couple or fo a family, what is the quickest way to get permanent residency in Australia?"
    If both spouse are working in an occupation that's currently in the MLTSSL or STSOL, it is best to check Skilled Migration. Otherwise, if you can afford to study in Australia, plan ahead and enrol in a course that will lead to a skilled occupation that's in demand here.
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