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Arlene Mariñas

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Arlene Mariñas is the Director and Senior Migration Consultant of Tentmakers Migration Assistance (MARN1385457). Originally from the Philippines, Arlene moved to South Australia in September 2005 with her husband, Edmund and two daughters who were six and four years old. Her youngest daughter was born in South Australia a few years later. 

Prior to migrating to South Australia, Arlene was a Licensed Chemical Engineer previously working for San Miguel Packaging Products in various technical roles in the Philippines. Arlene had initially applied to migrate to Canada but was unable to afford the liquid asset amount they required. She trusted that this was not God’s will and withdrew her application. She then began applying for her Australian visa. 

 In the process of the Australian visa application, Arlene and her husband faced multiple challenges and were lacking in certain criteria. They however believed that they were destined to build their home in Australia. Two months later, Arlene received a letter from the Department of Home Affairs stating that Australia had created a new visa subclass and that she had fit the criteria. She and her family were granted a provisional visa which progressed into citizenship

Arlene studied to become a Registered Migration Agent in 2012. She became registered in 2013 and began providing migration consultancy and visa application services through Tentmakers Migration Assistance  which later became incorporated in Nov 2018. Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. assists business owners, professionals, tradespersons, students and their families as they secure Australian visa and citizenship to work and live in Australia. 

Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. also offers settlement services like meet and greet, on arrival accommodation, information sessions and network support groups that contribute to helping them establish themselves in their new home. 

As migrants themselves, Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. understands how it’s like for new migrants to leave their comfort zones and start their lives in a new country. Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. serves their clients such that the challenges they face serve as stepping stones that will help them pursue their goals in Australia. 

Tentmakers Migration Assistance, now officially, Tentmakers Professional Services Pty Ltd. assists beyond obtaining visa approval and has partners worldwide.

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